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Splendidness on Air- SFEP Technical Exchange was Successfully held in Shanghai

China, Shanghai. On April 11th -12 SFEP in Shanghai Howard Johnson Palm Beach Hotel held a theme of " Splendidness on air- SFEP technical exchange was successfully held in Shanghai", the conference invited the world's top more than 100 technical experts of raw material suppliers and 3C coating field gathered for the application of different coating materials in 3C coating system are analyzed a detailed introduction.

SFEP is committed to creating China special chemicals, top facilities, technology, information, inventory, logistics and value-added service package solutions provider TOTAL SOLUTION PROVIDER, SFEP President Chen Ruibin at the meeting called for coatings enterprises at home and abroad to put more effort into research and development, promote the sustainable development of the industry. SFEP is responsible for introducing high quality raw materials to China to improve the added value of China.

The meeting from the United States PENNCOLOR, Japan Silica, Tokokosen, Tosoh Dong Cao East Japan -ダイキン (Da Jin), and the technical personnel of the Industrial Corporation and other companies and introduces the application of different products in the 3C in the coating.

Welcome words from Chen Ruibin, President of SFEP

Technical exchange site

Active questions on the site of the technical exchange

A wonderful speech from Chairman of MANABU TERAO of TOSOH

Yoshinaga Jeonwoong (YOSHINAGA MASAO), Minister of TOSOH.

Introduction of quality and properties of Nipsil and NIPGEL for coatings

Daikin Japan headquarters staff, Mr. Front bond -, (middle)

Director Xue Chenliang of Shanghai branch of Dajin fluorine chemical (China) Co., Ltd. (right I)

Introduction of fluorine surface antifouling additive and the application of anti-fingerprint agent in coating

Chen Haoyu, director of SFEP

Introduction of the supporting supply chain in the field of 3C

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